Slicer 250IK

Line Kolossal is the top of the range among commercial meat slicers produced by Manconi and it perfectly expresses the dualism tradition-innovation, which is necessary to be always contemporary: the strength coming from a long experience and the ability to look forward. The exceptional performance of these slicers rely on the top-quality materials and the state-of-the-art slicing mechanism, which is realized in most of the models with gear-driven transmission, the best available on the market.

Major Slicer 300

Our “Major Slice” ham slicers are unique in the market. It is strong and accurate, facilitating a perfect cut through its reliable operation. Its entirely stainless steel and open design ensure ease of cleaning and complete hygiene.

Entirely Stainless Steel
Aisi 304. Corrosion
resistant. Running
reliability and cleaning facility
thanks to its design with a
removable carriage. Very rigid structure. Great precision slice thickness
regulator: from 0 to 25 mm. VARIOCUT® system. Driving by pinion.
Independant sharpener, very easy to use. A simple operation of the
control knob of thickness allows a perfect sharpening. Moreover, this
operation can be done by novice person. Sliding carriage very flexible
thanks to its guide system adjusted and supersized. The strength and
quality of the components associated to the attention brought to
assembling and fitting operations guarantee a perfect slicing, even very
fine, and a total satisfaction for users during many years. Product holder
washable in dishwasher. Indication of waterproofness IP 67. Certification

Ref Manuel
Blade diameter 300 mm
Cut Capacity 250 x 160 – Ø210 mm
Tension MONO 230 V, 50Hz
Motor 0,5CV (0.36Kw)
Weight 45 kg


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