Icone 700

“ICONE” chop cutters are multi-purpose machines that ensure a good slice in meat both with and without the bone.

Chop cutters – ICONE 700

  • ­Automatic return.
  • Smooth and saw­toothed or microsawtoothed blades.
  • Selection of thrust: step by step and continuous according of
    different products to slice.
  • Chop cutter cleaning : with water.
  • ­2 cadences of cut : 90 and 180 cutting/min.
  • Connecting power : 4 CV.
  • ­Hydraulic (or electric) advance system : this principe is necessary
    for an intensive use in heavy conditions (humidity and cold).
  • ­Complies with CE standard.
Sliced products

Meat with and without bone, delicatessen, fish.


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