HIOPOS Features

User friendly POS

High intuitive software and innovative tactile usability makes HIOPOS the ideal choice for your business

Multi-company and MultiTerminal

Scalable with all the functionalities according to your needs. It allows working with several points of sale

With or without Internet

You may continue working in case of internet disconnections

Free updates

Latest software updates without additional charges

Safely stored

Information always available in the cloud with the maximum data security


Set up your points of sale by area and language with just one click

  • Eagle Offers HIOPOS Global Solution for Retail & Restaurant

  • Manage your Retail Shop with HIOPOS solutions from Eagle, scalable and adapted to each type and size of business

Global solution for Supermarkets

Manage your Supermarket with HIOPOS and SelfQuiosk global solutions, scalable and adapted to each business type and size. HIOPOS products and devices cover all the needs of your supermarket and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases establishment profits.

Autonomous purchasing experience

  • SelfQuiosk solution allows the end-user to make the purchase autonomously. The visual and intuitive screen guides the customer through the entire purchase process.
  • Improve the purchasing experience.
  • Allows to buy quickly with no queuing.
  • Less labour required. Can work 24 hours a day, 365 days without sick leave.
  • Less checkout space is used.
  • Instant cash closing without mismatch.
  • View the offers applied to the products

Management software

  • Connection with scales.
  • Discount management.
  • Label creation and customization.
  • Loyalty Program.
  • 360º customer

Sell your products by weight


Connect HIOPOS with your scales and automate the sale of your products by weight. Configure the products you want to sell by weight and assign them a price per kilo in order that HIOPOS automatically calculate the total sale price.

Create and customize shelf labels


Print shelf labels for your products. With HIOPOS you can configure different label printing designs and associate them with your products. This way you can automate barcode creation with our self-generation functionality.

Import your products


Import all your products directly to the terminal from a .CSV file in a single click.

Increase your sales with offers


Make your business grow with the offer periods management. Create special rates and define offer periods.

Loyalty Program


Loyalty program that allows to define personalized offers and vouchers for the customer as well as campaigns.

Customer display


With the HIOPOS Point of Sale Terminal, use the customer display to show the sale receipt, advertise promotions, videos and offers.

Stock management


Organize, plan and control stock with purchasing and inventory control tools.

Remote control and centralization


Configure and manage one or more establishments remotely and centrally.

Receive in real time all sales, cash closings, etc., update centrally your products, prices, offers and control the stock in the warehouse.

In addition, manage purchases easily and intuitively.


(137 customer reviews)


Manage your Supermarket with HIOPOS and SelfQuiosk global solutions, scalable and adapted to each business type and size. HIOPOS products and devices cover all the needs of your supermarket and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases establishment profits.


137 reviews for Hi-Pos

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