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Our range of sous-vide machines ensures perfect preservation on account of optimal adjustment and a quality pump.

Machine that offers high capacities. High-quality construction. High-end pump.

Features of the Astorr 570

           Standard configuration:
  • 2 parallel sealing bars on the right and left side of machine: 2 x 550 mm.
    Or possible configurations:
  • 2 parallel sealing bars on the from and back side of machine: 2 x 710 mm.
  • 2 perpendicular sealing bars (L shape): 640 x 550 mm.
    In option:
  • 4 sealing bars: 2 x 550 mm on the left and right side and 2 x 640 mm on the front and back of the machine.
  • Injection of neutral gas.
  • Cover with window.
  • tray for installing liquid products.
  • Void-rate display with a vaccum sensor.


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