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HIOPOS Global Solution for Retail & Restaurant

Manage your business with global HIOPOS solutions, scalable and adapted to each type and size of business. The different HIOPOS products and devices cover all the needs of your business and offer integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases the benefits of establishments.



Combines state-of-the-art software with top-of-the-line hardwarefor a POS system that is unmatched in reliability and functionality

Combines the power and functionality of a traditional POSsystem with the simplicity and sleek design of a tablet

$59 per month

User friendly POS

High intuitive software and innovative tactile usability makes HIOPOS the ideal choice for your business

Multi-company and MultiTerminal

Scalable with all the functionalities according to your needs. It allows working with several points of sale

With or without Internet

You may continue working in case of internet disconnections

Free updates

Latest software updates without additional charges

Safely stored

Information always available in the cloud with the maximum data security


Set up your points of sale by area and language with just one click