Eagle IP PBX Business Phone Systems

VoIP and hybrid PBX, single location and multi-branch phone systems, on-premise and in data-centers virtual phone systems, and multi-tenant PBX.

Swift – think BIG. Innovative IP-PBX System

Silent, powerful, environmental-friendly PABX appliance, small shipping volume.
Up to 200 concurrent calls. 30 extensions included. Up to 500 extensions with additional licenses.

Hosted PBX Platform

Multi-Tenant IP PBX – MT Manager is
a multi-tenant PBX platform that lets you run
a hosted PBX service,
create and manage multiple customers
on the same server and set
your service policies.

CloudPhone – Softphone Mobile App

Eaglebst CloudPhone provides full mobility for users working with the CompletePBX IP PBX communication system.

CloudPhone – Softphone Desktop App

Eaglebst CloudPhone Desktop softphone app provides full mobility for users working with the Complete PBX IP PBX communication system. Use your extension on your PC or Mac, use your mobile Mac contacts, set do-not-disturb, transfer calls, record calls and more.

Hotel Phone Systems

Eaglebst hotel phone systems with PMS integration provide wake up calls, room status reports, voicemail cleanup, and many other hotel-specific via Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface. hotel systems are trusted by hotel chains as well as small hotels around the world.


Get a real-time view of the system and users, see who is on a call and who is free, let agents report availability and pause themselves, add callers to conference calls, drag-and-drop calls to voicemail or mobile, use phonebooks or manual dialing to initiate calls, see personal call log and many more advanced features are provided with the advanced Supervision Switchboard.


Get real-time performance information for call center agents. Set up customized wallboards and dashboards using an easy-to-use interface.

Monitor SLA, free agents, callers in queue, agent status, system load and many more parameters with a clear visual representation that helps improve performance in real-time.


With StatExplorer, companies can reduce the lost call count, analyze the reason of fails, reduce queue wait duration, and identify saturated trunks and services. Using agents and queues statistics, call center supervisors can identify less performant agents, track pause and session duration, and improve call flow.

Software PBX Apps

Eaglebst Complete PBX phone systems support a range of Apps to enhance the system and provide solutions for specific use cases.

High Availability PBX

TwinStar phone systems are high availability enterprise grade PBX systems that provide automatic detection of server failure and immediate switching of all telephony functions, including telephony interfaces, to a back-up server to ensures non-stop phone service.

IP PBX Appliances

Eaglebst designed a broad range of fully integrated hardware PBX systems. Our IP PBX product line offers IP PBX solutions for a small office to high-availability enterprise phone systems serving thousands of users.

IP Phones

The Eaglebst UC Series of IP phones provides high definition (HD) sound quality and a comprehensive range of traditional business and VoIP features to the enterprise desktop.